Trade Balance: record surplus in August


Balance of the balance reached US $ 48.1 billion, value is the highest of the historical series started in 1989

The surplus of the Brazilian trade balance for the first eight months of the year was US $ 48.1 billion, an amount that already surpasses the total reached in the whole last year, US $ 47.7 billion. This is a record of the historical series, begun in 1989. The figure is 48.6% higher than that achieved from January to August 2016 (US $ 32.3 billion). The figures were released today by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC).

The result from January to August is the result of exports of US $ 145.9 billion and imports of US $ 97.837 billion. The director of the Statistics and Export Support Department, Herlon Brandão, highlighted growth of 18.1% in exports and 7.3% in imports. “The surplus has been increasing with the increase of the two trade flows. Of course, import depends on domestic demand, which has been gradually recovering. And exports have been boosted by record grain crops, increased production of oil and iron ore, and increased prices for these products, “he said.

According to him, the government maintains the forecast to close the year with a surplus of US $ 60 billion. “Given the seasonal nature of the trade balance, soybeans, which were a major player in the first half, are expected to lose momentum now. On the other hand, we will have growth in shipments of corn, which should contribute more strongly to our results. We also tend to have larger shipments of iron ore in the second half of the year and we expect an increase in imports of some products, “he explained. Brandão also pointed out that historically the trade balances registered in the second half are smaller than the first, but “with a positive trajectory and with possible monthly records ahead,” he concluded.

In the first eight months of the year, the largest growth in exports was crude oils (101.6%), iron ore and concentrates (62.1%), soybeans (19.7%), passenger cars , 1%) and raw sugar (22.8%). In terms of imports, the highest growths in the period were fuel oils (+88.5), coal (+ 119.6%), integrated circuits (+ 48%), naphtha (38.2%), ) and ethanol (+ 276.1%).


August was also the best in the historical series with a surplus of US $ 5.599 billion and growth of 35.3% over the same month last year (US $ 4.138 billion). In the period, exports reached US $ 19.475 billion and imports totaled US $ 13.8 billion. The highlights of the month were the growth of 48.6% in exports of fresh beef and the 6.6% increase in imports of capital goods, which are inputs for industry. According to Brandão, this item had not been growing since June of last year. “We still can not say that it is a consistent growth, but without doubt is a positive,” he said.